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WalT - Wireless Testbed

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Introducing WALT

You want a highly configurable platform for network experiments? Get in touch with us and build your own WALT plaform!


A WALT platform mainly provides:

  • physical access and/or remote control over nodes,
  • compatibility with various kinds of nodes:
    • Raspberry Pi B/B+/2B/3B/3B+/4B nodes
    • PC nodes booted from a USB dongle
    • virtual nodes
    • distant Raspberry Pi nodes using WALT ssh-based VPN
  • management of node OS images (clone them from the docker hub, modify them, etc.),
  • means to collect, store and query experiment logs,
  • platform topology automated discovery.

A WALT platform is cost-effective, easy to install, easy to use, lightweight, versatile and collaborative.

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