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......@@ -418,4 +418,10 @@ from Windows Kits\\10\\bin\\ucrtbased.dll to system32 to replace the bad
one. Or do what its better with file moving for get it working (ie add
this file to your path prior the old one for example).
[Category:Support](/Category:Support "wikilink")
### It does not wok -> clean your build -> run CMake -> build your project -> run camitk-imp from your build directory
### Cannot find my new Cpp file in my IDE -> run CMake
### "Could not connect slot to signal" -> add Q_OBJECT just after the declaration of your class -> re-run CMake
### During link edition on Windows "Cannot find ... implementation" -> Add an API file (dll_spec import, etc.) in reused Components or Actions Extensions -> CMake -> Rebuild -> Re-run
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