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## How to make translation of CamiTK in other language ?
The language used in implementation code by camiTK is english. but if
you want to use an another language you can use QtLinguist
(Linguist.exe) to translate all the english character strings.
What is the step to install a new language translation ?
1. in CamitkTranslate.cmake you must insert abreviation of new language
like \_en\_fr\_de for english, french and german.
2. do cmake (the files translate\_en.ts, translate\_fr.ts ,
translate\_de.ts are created or updated for all extensions).
3. use QtLinguist with your \*.ts files to translate character string
of \*.cpp, \*.ui, \*.h files.
4. do cmake (the file translate\_en.qm, translate\_fr.qm ,
translate\_de.qm are create or update for all extensions).
5. update the listLanguageAndFlag variable in changeLanguage.cpp to
insert for the new language his name, abreviation and flag (add
flag\_xx.png file in png format in
src\\sdk\\actions\\application\\resources\\flags\\16 directory)
6. compile camitk. (then all translate\_xx.qrc file are
## How to make translation of CamiTK in other language just for one extension ?
- open the extension CMakeLists.txt and add
**EXTRA\_TRANSLATE\_LANGUAGE** with language.
DESCRIPTION "Features actions used at application level (these actions are mandatory for any CamiTK application to work"
- do steps 2,3,4,5,6.
## How to select your language in camiTK applications ?
1. start camiTK imp application.
2. in the “Help menu” do “Change Language” and choose a new language.
3. close camiTK imp application.
4. CamiTKx.y.z.svn.ini file are modified and you can start your camiTK
application with this new language.
!!! tip
You can find used language, abreviation and flag information are in CamiTKx.y.z.svn.ini file for example :
* `{.text} ... language=french languageAbreviation=fr flagFilename=:/flags/flags/16/flag_fr.png ...`
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