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This page presents various bash scripts that can be integrated into IDE or Git GUI manager (such as `qgit`) in order to quickly perform Git tasks in the context of the [CamiTK Git workflow](./CamiTK_Git_Branching_Model).
In order to work properly these scripts require:
- that you are connected on the gitlab server (and have the proper credentials)
- `git`
- `kdialog` command (required for most of the scripts, it enhances the UI, it is provided on Debian by package `kde-baseapps-bin`)
- `curl` (for triggering the pipeline through the REST gitlab API)
Be sure to have read both:
- The [branch naming convention](./CamiTK_Git_Branching_Model)
- The [branch naming convention](
- The [commit message convention](./Core_developper_guidelines)
## Create a New Branch
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