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......@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ The log macros were simplified and this is the only change that will require you
### Before CamiTK 4.1
Before CamiTK 4.1, the log macros (`CAMITK_ERROR` `CAMITK_WARNING` `CAMITK_INFO` and `CAMITK_DEBUG`) did not use C++ and compiler introspection. They required three parameters:
- the first parameter was a `std::string` that states the global context (usually the name of the class)
- the second parameter was a `std::string`that states the local context (usually the name of the method)
- the third one was a `std::ostream&` formatted object that gave the message per se
......@@ -62,6 +63,7 @@ When you will run the updated code, we believe that you'll will quickly see the
## `ImageComponent` API
The following methods in `ImageComponent` were marked as deprecated in CamiTK 3.4 and are now removed:
- the methods `getImageSize()` was removed, use the `"Image Size"` property (e.g., `imageComponent->property("Image Size")`) or directly something like `double* dimensions = imageComponent->getImageData()->GetDimensions()` if you need the image dimensions as an array of `double`.
- the method `getDataType()` was removed, use the `"Voxel Data Type"` property instead (or directly the `imageComponent->getImageData()->GetScalarTypeAsString()`)
- the method `getVoxelSize()` was removed, use the `"Voxel Size"` property
......@@ -74,6 +76,7 @@ or directly something like `double* spacing = imageComponent->getImageData()->Ge
There were also some internal code cleaning and removal of deprecated methods inside the CamiTK core library. Only the most advance CEP, if any, might be impacted.
It is __very unlikely__ that you will encounter a problem with these removal or renaming.
- In `ActionWidget`
- `updateTargets()` was renamed into `update()` to better reflect the aims of this method: the targets _and_ the properties are updated
- In `InterfaceBitmap`:
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