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......@@ -25,15 +25,21 @@ The tutorial CEP is provided with the CamiTK Community Edition. It contains some
| Action | selection | (mesh) Demo how to work with the mesh selection | `tutorials/actions/selection` |
| Action | sleepingwhileworking |(viewer and image) Demo how to directly manipulate the viewers to change the camera and selected slice in an 3D image (and pretend you are busily doing it yourself!) | `tutorials/actions/` |
| Action | vtkwidget | Demo how to add a VTK 3D widget in a viewer (a VTK widget is a type of interactor directly available in a 3D VTK renderer window) | `tutorials/actions/vtkwidget` |
<!-- | Action | pythonscripting | | `tutorials/actions/pythonscripting` | -->
| Component | mixed | Demo how to integrate an image (`.mha`) and a mesh (`.vtk`) together in a same top-level component | `tutorials/components/mixed` |
| Component | pickme | (mesh) Demo how to use `pointPicked(..)` and `cellPicked(..)` methods to interact directly with a component | `tutorials/components/pickme` |
| Component | abort | Demo how CamiTK handle `AbortException` in component constructor. | `tutorials/components/abort` |
<!-- TODO : app, and viewer tutorials
| Viewer | `MyViewer` | Demo how to create new type of CamiTK viewer and integrate it in a CamiTK Application. The viewer is a really simple text viewer (it just send a text message everytime a component is read/close and gives information about current number of components) | `viewers` |
| Application | basic | A simple (4 lines of code!) CamiTK application that consists only of a central axial viewer | `applications/basic` |
| Application | fancy | A fancy main window that have a different background and different viewer placement | `applications/fancy` |
| Application | menubar | A simple application with a main window that has a three items menu bar: a file menu (open, close, quit), an action menu (present the available action for the currently selected component), and a help menu (with a classic "about"). The most difficult part is to manage the "Action" menu (as it depends on the selection). The main window has also two viewers (component explorer and 3D viewer) | `applications/menubar` |
| Application | objectcontroller | Shows a simple object controller GUI (gives an idea of what is possible to do in CamiTK thanks to qtpropertybrowser) | `applications/objectcontroller` |
| Application | simple | A simple application that has no menubar, no toolbar and no statusbar. It demonstrates that an application can be a very classical 3D view and/or 4 viewers, with just a MedicalViewer as the main widget (note the default black background set to the 3D viewer) | `applications/simple` |
| Application | testlogger | An application that test all the CamiTK logger methods | `applications/testlogger` |
| Application | testloggercrash | An application that test all the CamiTK logger and its behaviour when somethings goes horribly wrong | `applications/testloggercrash` |
<!-- | Action | pythonscripting | | `tutorials/actions/pythonscripting` | -->
<!-- | Application | nogui | [not] | `applications/nogui` | -->
## Other tutorials
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