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......@@ -179,11 +179,6 @@ the class is forgotten by your IDE (no compilation). Simply run
**Cmake** on your project to consider it. Once done, when recompiling
your project, your class will be now examinated.
### Migration guide from CamiTK 2.0 to CamiTK 3.0
Please visit [Migration Guide 2.0 to
3.x](/Migration_Guide_2.0_to_3.x "wikilink")
### \[Signal/Slots Explorer\] How to detect modifications in Component explorer
As far as you work with several components, it could be interesting to
......@@ -261,8 +256,7 @@ yours.
The problem comes from the additional templates that were added to
Visual Studio 2010. To fix it, std::make\_pair, which doesn’t always
work has to be changed to pair\<\>. Remplace in the file
MMLMonitorDisplayFactory.h (lines 63 and
MMLMonitorDisplayFactory.h (lines 63 and 82).
``` cpp
mapObjectCreator.insert( std::make_pair<std::string,CreateMonitorDisplayFunctionPointer>(id, &createTheMonitorDisplay<C> ) );
......@@ -300,15 +294,14 @@ error, from the most encountered to the least:
are compiling in the CORRECT ORDER. This order is from the most
dependent to your target from the least. Thus, check your CMake
configuration to verify that order. If it deals with CamiTK
extensions / libraries or applications, please contact the support
using the
extensions / libraries or applications, please contact us by an
### \[Linking error\] Unresolved symbol …
If you face to error like \*unresolved external symbol "public:
\_\_cdecl\* when you compile with Visual Studio, read this page: [DLL
### \[Linking error\] Relocation R\_X86\_64\_32S against \`.rodata’
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