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Here you will find information on how to develop with **CamiTK**.
As a contributor, feel free to edit any page you may want, to update it or simply creating new ones to share your knowledge. Do not hesitate to check for some advices on how to edit the wiki ! This site remains your site, and any contribution will help a lot, saving a lot of time to the **CamiTK community** !
Enjoy the **CamiTK wiki** !
**For the moment this wiki is under construction**, complete site will arrive soon.
## Develop with CamiTK
First, in order to develop a new CamiTK Extension project, you need to setup the development environment. Check [Setup CamiTK Development Environment](./Getting%20Started/Getting%20Started%20Guides/Install)
Once your environment is setup, you are ready to go. Please check the [CamiTK Extension Project Developer Guide](
Enjoy the [**CamiTK wiki**]( !
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