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If you are facing a difficulty while developing in CamiTK, you may want
to ask more experimented users for help. Here is explained how to do so.
## Make sure your question is not already answered
### [On the Forge](
You may use the search engine on top of the page. And to be able to use all the features it is recommended to create an account on this [page](
### [On the FAQ](../../../FAQ/
### [On the API Documentation](
The API documentation features lots of information. You may use the
**Modules** tab to browse the different CamITK source code content or
directlty search on the engine in the top right corner.
### [On the Tips & Tricks section]("../../Examples%20and%20Tutorials/")
This section feature developers level helps on several subject, do not
hesitate to check it out\!
## Check CamiTK version and installation settings before posting
Use the `camitk-config` application to get information about your
installed version of CamiTK
### On Linux
- On a command line tool (shell, bash, etc.) type:
camitk-config --config
### On Windows
- Open a Command tool (Start-\>search-\>cmd)
- Go to the directory where CamiTK is installed, which is motsly
cd C:\dev\CamiTK\install\bin
- Run the Camitk-config program with the `--config` option
camitk-config.exe --config
### On Mac OSX
- Open a Terminal
- run the following command (you may have to preceded it with the full
absolute path if you did not install CamiTK in /usr/local/bin).
camitk-config --config
### On all Systems
- Check that your directories are correctly set.
- Check that all the application-action can be loaded
- Copy the resulting text to paste it within your post.
## About the Form
In order for us to betterly understand your issues and for the solution
to help everyone reading your post, please post:
- In English
- Present yourself, the institution you’re working for (university,
laboratory, company, free lance enterprise, etc.) .
- Be Polite
- Try to be clear / meaningful. Try to explain the step you’ve done
until you encounter your problem. Simply telling **one thing doesn’t
work** doesn’t help.
- <>
- <>
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