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      NEW Complete rewrite/code review/code cleaning of Action related classes... · 9cbc1a8d
      promayon authored
      NEW Complete rewrite/code review/code cleaning of Action related classes (Action, ActionExtension, ActionManager and ActionViewer)
      NEW icons for application, InteractiveViewer and actions updated
      NEW RendererWidget colorbar is a now a vtk widget, axes and annotated cube are using proper/recommanded vtk actor
      NEW InteractiveViewer toolbar addition (including direct use of Color Change action)
      NEW Application now autoload component and action extensions before instanciating the main window
      FIXED Geometry code cleaning, improved glyph management
      FIXED RendererWidget code cleaning, background gradient,
      FIXED InteractiveViewer code cleaning
      FIXED MedicalImageViewer hide toolbar when no 3D scene visible
      FIXED lots of other things... check it yourself!
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