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      NEW Application level actions (open, close, save, select last instanciated top level...) · daea682a
      promayon authored
      NEW DefaultActionWidget class, it can show/hide the apply/cancel button, and can be refreshed (list of components and soforth)
      NEW consequently, Action class code cleaning, now everything that has to do with the default widget is managed by the new class
      NEW update the wizard consequently (hope it still works for every plateform... pas tapé)
      NEW Application has now a "refresh" method (no need to get the main window first)
      NEW target "apidoc" to build the API doc and install it in the proper share subdirs automatically
      NEW all file menu items have now an icon
      FIXED some doxygen tags (use \code instead of \verbatim to have C++ syntax highlighting)
      FIXED all documentation options in CMake now starts with the same prefix APIDOC
      FIXED some doxygen options for clean/nice rendering
      FIXED doxygen does not include tools/ subdir by default
      FIXED doxygen NOTE -> \note
      FIXED access to status bar from Application
      FIXED some warning for MacOS compilation
      FIXED overhead inclusion of Core.h
      FIXED FindOpenCV.cmake for unix (Camera Component can now be compiled on Unix)
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