1. 24 Jul, 2018 2 commits
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      FIXED rationalized CMake target names · 5922a4d0
      Emmanuel Promayon authored
      All the CMake targets created by CamiTK now starts with `camitk` and words are separated
      using `-` (dash) instead of `_` (underscore).
      For instance `sdk_local_install` became `camitk-sdk-local-install`
      All CEP CMake general targets now start with `cep-nameOfCep`.
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      FEATURE 109 Python Scripting · 0fe41901
      saubatn authored
      		Create a parallel tree of the SDK which is CMake-configured only if CAMITK_BINDING_PYTHON variable is manually set to true (default is OFF)
      		Each directory on that tree contains :
      			* a typesystem.xml file that contains the local folder C++ classes to expose to Python.
      			* a global.h C++ header file required to correclty include the C++ classes to expose.
      			Both these files are recursively including their subdirectories correspondanding files. 
      			This allows Shiboken to be only run on the top python_sdk directory, but keep specifying the classes to expose to Python in the corresponding local typesystem.xml / global.h files in the tree (better to understand / maintain).
      		On top of the python_sdk directory is created the custom sdk_wrap_to_python CMake target, which allows to run shiboken on the top python_sdk folder's typesystem.xml / global.h and thus make the SDK binding.
      		Coming soon : another target would be created in order to compile the wrapped shiboken-generated C++ classes and link them with the originale CamiTK SDK C++ library in order to produce the CPython extension, i.e. the Python package of CamiTK sdk.
      		Coming soon : debugging (of course ;-) )
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