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FEATURE 615 translate in french the .ts files.

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<TS version="2.0" language="fr_FR">
<source>OFF &lt;em&gt;.off&lt;/em&gt; files in &lt;b&gt;CamiTK&lt;/b&gt;.(very few support!) &lt;br&gt;(c)TIMC-IMAG UJF 2012</source>
<translation>Les fichiers OFF &lt;em&gt;.off&lt;/em&gt; dans &lt;b&gt;CamiTK&lt;/b&gt;.(trés peu de support!) &lt;br&gt;(c)TIMC-IMAG UJF 2012</translation>
<source>The selected component does not have any points or cells. This is an invalid mesh.</source>
<translation>Le component sélectionné n&apos;a pas de point ou de cellule. Ce maillage est non valide.</translation>
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