Commit c569e78a authored by Emmanuel Promayon's avatar Emmanuel Promayon

NEW pretty print pointer macro

Now you can use CAMITK_PRINT_POINTER in order to transform a pointer
of any type to a QString (sometimes useful during the debugging process)
parent 4884af6d
......@@ -217,7 +217,7 @@ private:
/// Helper macro that produce a QString reprensenting a pointer
#define CAMITK_PRINT_POINTER(PTR) (QString(#PTR) + QString("=0x%1").arg((quintptr)PTR, QT_POINTER_SIZE * 2, 16, QChar('0')))
#define CAMITK_PRINT_POINTER(PTR) (QString(#PTR) + QString("->[0x%1]").arg((quintptr)PTR, QT_POINTER_SIZE * 2, 16, QChar('0')))
/// Generic log macro (it is NOT recommended to use it directly...)
#if !defined(CAMITK_DISABLE_LOG)
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