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Commit a900e368 authored by saubatn's avatar saubatn
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FIXED CEP architecture, step #1.3: fixed target launcher for MSVC debugging.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://scm.forge.imag.fr/var/lib/gforge/chroot/scmrepos/svn/camitk/trunk/camitk@738 ec899d31-69d1-42ba-9299-647d76f65fb3
parent 53ad15f4
......@@ -38,13 +38,10 @@ camitk_sub_project_validate(${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR})
camitk_sdk_packaging(DESCRIPTION ${CEP_DESCRIPTION})
# For Microsoft Visual C++, sets the default application for the "ALL_BUILD" project
# (i.e. launches imp when we you click on "Debug" or "Start Without Debugging" button on Visual)
# In addition, but not the least, sets the environment to the debug dll directory for VTK (and ITK)
# to solve the dll incompatibility between debug and relase version of QVTK.dll and ITKCommon.dll
# This is the default application used for debugging
if ( MSVC )
RUNTIME_LIBRARY_DIRS "${CAMITK_BIN_DIR}$(OutDir)" "%VTK_DIR%/bin/$(OutDir)" "%ITK_DIR%/bin/$(OutDir)"
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