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FIXED Move TODO points to MR !21 discussion

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......@@ -21,17 +21,6 @@
#! \param CAMITK_SCXML The input xml file
#! \param EXPECTED_OUTPUT_FILES List of files that have to be compared with the asm output
# Questions:
# - do not use testdata/ (all files are copied to share/*/testdata, which is cumbersome) but use a specific "regressiontestdata" ? "asmtest" ? "testasm" ?
# We need to define specific names, always used for asm regression test
# - regressiontestdata/input.xml : the asm scxml file
# - regressiontestdata/somethingfilename.smth : input files to run the actions by asm and refered to in input.xml as "File Name" parameters
# - regressiontestdata/output-something2.smth2 : output files to check against (refer to in the component output of some actions and the save actions
# If the directory is detected in the source directory, then the test should be added automatically
set(options "")
set(oneValueArgs NAME CAMITK_SCXML)
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