Commit 8581add5 authored by saubatn's avatar saubatn
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DELETE : Release build type

NEW : Qt dependency.

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parent 169c2f56
......@@ -126,9 +126,6 @@ if (UNIX AND NOT WIN32)
# Set build type by default as release
set(CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE "Release")
# Package information
......@@ -139,11 +136,11 @@ if (UNIX AND NOT WIN32)
# Dependencies depending on the Operating System.
# Ubuntu
if("${LSB_DISTRIB}" MATCHES "Ubuntu11.10")
set(CPACK_DEBIAN_PACKAGE_DEPENDS "libinsighttoolkit3.20, libxml2, libvtk5.6-qt4 ")
set(CPACK_DEBIAN_PACKAGE_DEPENDS "libqt4-dev libinsighttoolkit3.20, libxml2, libvtk5.6-qt4 ")
endif("${LSB_DISTRIB}" MATCHES "Ubuntu11.10")
# For Ubuntu11.04
if("${LSB_DISTRIB}" MATCHES "Ubuntu12.04")
set(CPACK_DEBIAN_PACKAGE_DEPENDS "libinsighttoolkit3.20, libxml2, libvtk5.8-qt4 ")
set(CPACK_DEBIAN_PACKAGE_DEPENDS "libqt4-dev libinsighttoolkit3.20, libxml2, libvtk5.8-qt4 ")
endif("${LSB_DISTRIB}" MATCHES "Ubuntu12.04")
# Debian
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