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Commit 7e48eb02 authored by saubatn's avatar saubatn
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FIXED : add filter for common image file, for file association for opening...

FIXED : add filter for common image file, for file association for opening with any camitk application.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://scm.forge.imag.fr/var/lib/gforge/chroot/scmrepos/svn/camitk/trunk/camitk@553 ec899d31-69d1-42ba-9299-647d76f65fb3
parent c8517e35
......@@ -101,10 +101,18 @@ Application::Application(QString name, int & theArgc, char ** theArgv, bool auto
// File types association with the application for opening
QStringList newFileExtensions;
QStringList fileExtensionsAlreadyRegistered = settings.value("fileExtensionsRegistered").toStringList();
// Forbidden list, to avoid user to have common image file type associated with the application at opening
// TODO : uses a better prompt for user to select each component he wants to register with the application
QStringList fileExtensionForbidden;
foreach (QString extensionFile, ExtensionManager::getFileExtensions())
// check the application can handle new file type
if (!fileExtensionsAlreadyRegistered.contains(extensionFile))
if (!fileExtensionsAlreadyRegistered.contains(extensionFile) && !fileExtensionForbidden.contains(extensionFile))
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