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FIXED InteractiveSliceViewer API doc

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......@@ -44,21 +44,18 @@
* @brief
* The views manager.
* MedicalImageViewer is a viewer that can display from 1 to 4 InteractiveViewer that represents
* the axial, coronal, sagittal and 3D view of the same medical image.
* The views used the default InteractiveViewers singletons.
* This class follow the "singleton" design pattern, see getInstance().
* Singleton is enforced/recommanded so that actions can directly use the show*Viewer() methods
* \image html libraries/medicalimageviewer.png "The medical image viewer"
* InteractiveSliceViewer is a the InteractiveViewer subclass dedicated to manage
* SingleImageComponent (a slice view of a medical image data)
* It blocks 3D movement and only display a 2D slice
* All the logic is done by InteractiveViewer.
class INTERACTIVESLICEVIEWER_API InteractiveSliceViewer : public camitk::InteractiveViewer {
/// constructor
Q_INVOKABLE InteractiveSliceViewer(QString);
/** destructor */
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