Commit 32e9f2b7 authored by Jean-Loup Haberbusch's avatar Jean-Loup Haberbusch

DicomDialog Get checkbox item checked for one item list

When list of studies only contains one item checkbox wasn't checked by
default. It has been changes to be checked.
parent a163515a
* CamiTK - Computer Assisted Medical Intervention ToolKit
......@@ -59,6 +59,10 @@ DicomDialog::DicomDialog(QList<DicomDialogEntry*> elements): QDialog() {
ui.tableWidget->setItem(row, column++, new QTableWidgetItem(item->getSeriesName()));
// To get checkbox checked if there is only one study in list
if (elements.size() == 1) {
ui.tableWidget->itemAt(0, 0)->setCheckState(Qt::Checked);
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