Commit 259e1c17 authored by Emmanuel Promayon's avatar Emmanuel Promayon
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NEW advertise camitk_additional_action_test

parent 38a03a61
......@@ -13,3 +13,13 @@ camitk_extension(@EXTTYPEHIGH@_EXTENSION
#TEST_FILES file1 file2 ...
# for component extension, test can be relaxed to lower levels using the AUTO_TEST_LEVEL option
# For component extension, additional action autotest can be added.
# If this extension provides a new component extension, it is possible to check its integration
# with previously defined actions (in CamiTK SDK or other CEPs) by using the
# camitk_additional_action_test macro.
# Example:
# camitk_additional_action_test(ACTION_EXTENSIONS action1 action2
# TEST_FILES file1 file2
# )
# will add automatic test for action1 and action2 using file1 and file2 (provided by this extension in testdata subdir)
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