Commit 065c0273 authored by saubatn's avatar saubatn
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FIXED Modeling : monitoring now considers correctly libxml2 dependency.

FIXED Modeling : monitoring gui are now correctly build.
UPDATED ExtensionManager : build pluginFileNames for debug only if win32.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// ec899d31-69d1-42ba-9299-647d76f65fb3
parent f7e7d02b
# generation benchmark binary is optionnal
option(MML_GENERATE_GUI "Generates gui library" OFF)
find_package(Qt4 REQUIRED)
......@@ -363,6 +363,7 @@ camitk_library(SHARED
LINK_DIRECTORIES ${monitoring_link}
add_dependencies(monitoring lml pml mml)
# TODO NICOLAS Update the Qt XML dependencies
# use the application extension macro
......@@ -462,11 +462,11 @@ QStringList ExtensionManager::getPluginFileNames(QDir extensionsDir) {
// loop to load component plugin, taking into account internal dependencies (i.e. dependency between
// one component and another one.
QStringList pluginFileNames = extensionsDir.entryList(getExtensionFilter(), QDir::Files);
#ifdef WIN32
// Get the MSVC debug dlls
QStringList pluginFileNamesDebugMSVC = pluginFileNames.filter(QRegExp(".*"+QString(Core::debugPostfix)+".dll"));
#ifdef WIN32
if (Core::isDebugBuild()) {
return pluginFileNamesDebugMSVC;
......@@ -485,3 +485,4 @@ QStringList ExtensionManager::getPluginFileNames(QDir extensionsDir) {
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