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    NEW PML library using xsdcxx (no more libxml2 needed in camitk opensource) · f9ad9e73
    promayon authored
    NEW complete rewrite of the physical model component, now called
        PMLComponent (based on Nicolas's great work in the incubator)
                    Way much faster than CamiTK 3.4.0 for PML!
    NEW PMLExplorer action: explore all data (based on Nicolas's great work)
    NEW CreateSC action: create a new PML StructuralComponent based on
        the current selection
    NEW scalar data array can now be displayed at will
    FIXED action viewer can now be reduced horizontally even after an action
          widget had set it to a fixed size
    FIXED ActionWidget looks better (well let me know if you think the opposite)
          by opposite) by using a QToolBox for the description 
          and targets (this leave more space for the parameters object controller)
    FIXED picking was calling the method twice (2x faster now!)
    FIXED Action documentation (to explain how to take the user interaction
          immediately using Qt event catching)
    FIXED crash due to MeshComponent in getSelection(QString) method with unknown
    FIXED various code cleaning
    FIXED remove data array now (partially) implemented
    FIXED removed coreschema (obsolet, use cepcoreschema)
    FIXED vector graphics screenshots now back working (note: transparency is not
          well handle, due to vtk limitation, Vtk 6 has a much better support with vtkGL2PSExporter...)
    FIXED viewer gradient background can now be turn off/on again
    FIXED debian packaging bug due to the use of cmake 3.2.2-2 and missing path to ITKConfig.cmake
    FIXED remove timestamp for doxygen generation (fix reproducibility building in
    FIXED ObjectController can now be used for editing class that have an
          Q_INVOKABLE getProperty(..) method but that are declared outside the
                            camitk namespace!
    FIXED renamed "ctr" prefixed local variable
    FIXED crash in MeshComponent when constructor is aborted by an exception
    git-svn-id: svn+ssh://scm.forge.imag.fr/var/lib/gforge/chroot/scmrepos/svn/camitk/trunk/camitk@2072 ec899d31-69d1-42ba-9299-647d76f65fb3
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